Bondi Gym in Bondi Junction

'We created Bondi Gym as an embodiment of our beliefs about health, fitness, wellbeing
and creativity. It's a place where everyone can come together not only to train,
but also have their own space outside of their everyday'

                                                                                               Michael Parker - co creator

Gym Facilities
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Everything you need for a professional gym workout


When you join Bondi Gym in Bondi Junction you will have access to what is considered the best range of training equipment in the world - Nautilus, practically invented fitness equipment and today it continues to be the #1 name in the fitness industry.
No other gym in Bondi Junction can offer you a range of commercial Nautilus health and fitness training products as extensive as ours.
Whether you are looking for Machine Weights, Free Weights or Cardio equipment to assist with your fitness goals, you can be sure that you will be using nothing but the best.
Group Training
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Fit, Strong, Lean & Recover

Training sessions available 7 days a week

If you've always wanted a Personal Trainer but without the high cost, then Group Training is for you.

Group Training at Bondi Gym in Bondi Junction is a fun, interactive and cost effective way for you to take advantage of a fully qualified, professional and experienced Personal Trainer in a small group environment, but pay a fraction of the normal fee.

Each 45 minute small group functional training session will target a specific outcome, either getting Fitter, Stronger, Leaner or Recovery. The sessions typically include a warm up and cool down period and are tailored to the number of group participants on the day, as well as their level of fitness. Every group training session is different so you will always find lots of variety.

We offer group training sessions at Bondi Gym all through the week, early morning, lunch time, late night and weekends. There is plenty of opportunity for you to make it to a training session time that works for your lifestyle. We also make sure the groups are not over subscribed - that way, you get plenty of personalised attention.

Want to lose weight? then join the Lean session, get fitter? then join in the Fit session, get stronger? join the strong sessions, and if you need to work on your core strength and flexibility then join in with the Recovery sessions. It's also a really great way to wind down, restore and balance your energy.

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The best way to decide if Bondi Gym in Bondi Junction is for you, is to grab one of our 7 Day Trials and check out our services for yourself.
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As one of the few remaining Independent Gyms left in Bondi Junction, Bondi Gym stands apart

on its uniqueness and authenticity.... Join us and Find Out Why


Bondi Gym in Bondi Junction ..Independent ..Authentic 

 Bondi Gym, located in the heart of Bondi Junction. 32 Ebley St Bondi Junction NSW 2022

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